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All year round, founder Marie Roche shares her insight and knowledge with Shakespeare enthusiasts of all ages in seminars that focus on individual plays or themes.

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This year and into the Spring of 2022 we will be reading Shakespeare’s history plays in a historical chronology, rather than in the chronology of when the works were published or performed. (We’ll take a break from them over the summer of 2021, when we will dive into the comedies.) Shakespeare’s cycle of history plays spans more than three hundred years, including in its sweep the Hundred Year’s War (1337-1453) and the Wars of the Roses—fought between the houses of Lancaster and York (branches of the Plantagenet family) for the English throne—and the rise of the House of Tudor.

Ms. Roche is a highly skilled teacher. She is able to bring together key elements of this rich literary experience in an accessible way without losing any of the profound complexities inherent in these bedrock works of art. In a typical class we cover elements of the play’s powerful language, its historical moment, the politics of the time and the social history that is always suggestive in Shakespeare’s work.


Just to have the opportunity to read the plays and listen to the discussion is a pleasure.  Seeing films of the plays is an added bonus.  You fill a void.

D. W.

Marie has unusual skill in creating a learning experience for ALL no matter their academic or experiential backgrounds

M. P.