Our Mission

Ben Jonson wrote this now famous line: “Shakespeare was not of an age, but for all time.” Community Shakespeare of New England and its seminars are geared toward a population of adults who otherwise would not have access to Shakespeare’s texts and performances. The seminars are an actualization of Jonson’s observation on Shakespeare’s everlasting relevance in our lives: Who has not felt the pangs of Othello’s anger? Hamlet’s existential agony? Through the study of Shakespeare’s plays and themes, Community Shakespeare of New England responds to a growing need for adults to find a space where their intellect is being challenged, and where friendship and support can be found via the study and enjoyment of literary texts. Community Shakespeare of New England’s goal is and has always been to bring Shakespeare’s work to the diverse communities of Amherst, Northampton and beyond, regardless of the attendees’ backgrounds, race, ages, physical health, or financial restrictions.